What are Wynsider Rewards?

From the very beginning we are creating a club culture at Owyn’s. There are a lot of places to shop these days, but we want to provide benefits that go well beyond saving money and finding the products you are looking for. 

We want our members (Wynsiders) to be rewarded for spreading the word, engaging with our brand, and (obviously) buying products from us. The Wynsider Rewards program is going to feature rewards that will seem insane to our competitors, which is exactly what we’re looking for. Our customers are incredibly valuable to us- and we want them to know it.


How does the Wynsider Rewards Program Work?

Becoming a Wynsider is free and automatic - it always will be. To become a Wynsider, all you do is create an account with Owyn’s. Here are the different ways you can earn points as a Wynsider:

  • Create an Account with Owyn’s (becoming a Wynsider) = 100 points
  • Complete customer profile = 50 points
  • Purchase products = 1 point per every dollar spent
  • Share us on Facebook = 50 points
  • Like us on Facebook = 50 points
  • Tweet about us = 50 points

Want to rack up points fast?

Help us spread the word about Owyn’s by referring your friends.

Find your unique code in the rewards dashboard and send to your friends anywhere. They will get a $15 credit towards their first purchase, and when complete, you will automatically receive 250 points!

We are constantly looking for new ways for our customer’s to earn points, so keep your eyes peeled for an easy boost towards your redemption goals.