Wynsider Rewards FAQs

How do I redeem points?

You will see a green “Check Rewards” tab on the right side of the every page

Clicking the tab will open up your account in the rewards dashboard. You can see how many points you have earned, what rewards you may redeem, and how you can earn more points. This is also where you can find your referral link to share with your friends!

Can I stack rewards?

We don’t allow coupon stacking, which means using multiple coupon codes all in one transaction.

Can I reuse coupon codes?

Each code can be redeemed only once. Each code is created upon point redemption and is linked to your account.

Can I buy more points with cash?

We do not offer this feature at the moment. Reach out to us if this is something you would be interested in doing. 

Have any other questions?

Feel free to ask us by clicking the green chat icon on the bottom right of the page.